My Top 10 Christian Children's Books For Spiritual Growth

Top 10 Christian Children's Books For Spiritual Growth
I love sharing my favorites especially when it comes to books! This week I've put together a few of my favorite Christian Children's Books that will help nurture their relationship with the Lord. If you click on the picture it will take you to the best deal available on amazon. 
The Oak Inside The Acorn christian childrens book

1. The Oak Inside The Acorn

By far, one of my all time favorites! It explains how you are to "grow" as a Christian as you age, or mature. This is a MUST in any Christian household.

God Gave Us You christian childrens book

2. God Gave Us You

Part of the God Gave Us series This adorable book explains that each child is wanted and a gift from God. Great for reassurance or to help answer the "Where do I come from" question.
The Children's Book Of Virtues christian childrens book

3. The Children's Book Of Virtues 

A classic! We have the entire set by William B. but If I had to choose one, this would be it.
God Is Watching Over You childrens book

4.God Is Watching Over You 
Perfect for those night time fears, this is a great book for reassurance of Gods love for us. Especially with those younger ears. 

If Jesus Lived Inside My Heart christian childrens book

5.If Jesus Lived Inside My Heart
This really teaches kids how God lives in each of us. It helps them see how they can use all of themselves to give God glory and do good work for his honor. 

6. The Ology

The Ology christian childrens bookThis is a great beginner's book for understanding who God is and how we, as his children, relate to him. It helps teach children (and even adults) the inner workings of how Christianity "works" If you want to learn or teach your children the Truth of The Gospel This is a great book to begin with! 

Here's a few more to check out, and hopefully help you build your Child's relationship with God & help ease some of those fears and questions about his big scary world as they sometimes see it. 

I prayed for you christian childrens book It will be okay christian childrens book The armor of god christian childrens book good good father christian childrens book
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Literature for Kids with a Christian Worldview

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