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Ahh, Ancient Greece... Olives, Trojan Horses, Timeless Architecture, & home of the first Olympic Games. Today we are looking at fun unit study froHome School in the Woods , HISTORY Through the Ages Project Passport World History Study: Ancient Greece. 

Home School in the Woods offers several Project Passport World History Studies including Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt, The Middle Ages, Renaissance and Reformation and they are currently working on Ancient Rome, which will be out in 2018! They do a wonderful job representing the history without leaving God out of it. Our family appreciates this greatly. 

HISTORY Through the Ages Project Passport World History Study All Project Passport studies take your student(s) on a "trip" through world history. It comes on a CD, or as a download. This allows you to use it for multiple students and create a more customized experience. I personally love physical products, but I can see where this helps families that need to adjust things around or just simply pick and choose what they need without having excess. When you first open the program, I'll be honest it's a bit overwhelming. Once you get things set up though it is not that bad and It really does make the whole "trip" come to life.

You will print out and put together a passport and luggage folder, which will also be used for all other Project Passport studies, and a scrapbook of sights. We chose to do a joint one because my 5-year-old does lose interest. I will point out that it does take some time to put this together mainly due to having to select & print each page individually. I am hoping to see them address this issue in the future. Not all that printing is for nothing, in the end, you are left with a complete lap book for your students to look back on. The Program has everything you need right there ready to print or glance at, even reference pictures of each project for the stop. 

For each study, there are 25 “Stops” on your journey, each one containing a Travel Itinerary that gives you an overview of what you’ll be studying or the project you’ll be working on that day. I tend to use a highlighter to mark off things once we complete them. Please note that you may skip certain activities as you see fit for your children. This makes this a true multi-age product. Most of the activities are lapbook or notebooking related, so they don’t require much more than paper and cardstock. There are however lots of other crafts, games and even recipes, included that make it a lot of fun!

Now, Before I go any further I do want to point out that we are slowly making our way through this. We are currently on "Stop 8"  of Ancient Greece. We love the flexibility, which is one great thing about this program. 

Once we have chosen the projects for the stop and printed off what we need (and sometimes there is a LOT of printing, so make sure you are prepared in advance) We read the through the "stop" which I always love because I feel like they did a great job at explaining the subject for both younger and older students. I usually read over this and leave out things that I know will be too much for them. I do not usually print off the travel itinerary for each "stop" (as pictured to the right) I will only use it as needed for projects. I just use the main itinerary (above) for my highlighting & planning purposes. 

We then work on our first project and tend to work on our projects over the next few days. We do 2 stops each week, I feel this allows us time to finish our other lessons and enjoy the crafts & projects. 

We are loving the "Dining Out Guide" of Recipes. That is one thing that really drew me to this study. I cannot wait to see our finished lapbook, as we loved our lapbooks prior to using Mystery Of History. It's been nice to take a break from it and get back into lapbooking! 

My Overall Thoughts:
-It is extremely through. You truly get to learn about the entire Greek history & culture of the time period. 
-It is great for multiple ages! 
-The wide variety of projects are amazing! No more searching Pinterest for the perfect craft!
-If you like ready to go curriculum, this may not be for you. There is a lot of set up and printing involved. 
-I do feel my kids would have enjoyed Ancient Egypt more, they are currently really into pyramids and hieroglyphs. I think its just an age thing, or maybe just my kids, nothing to do with the product itself. 

I hope this review has helped you discover more about this wonderful product, please check out Home School in The Woods for more great products and click below for more reviews! 

HISTORY Through the Ages Project Passport World History Study Reviews

HISTORY Through the Ages Project Passport World History Study


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