5 Tips For Making Christ The Center Of Your Homeschool

As a part of the homeschool review crew blog round up:

We all have chosen to homeschool for a wide variety of reasons but I feel that Religion has a lot to do with why a lot of us choose to homeschool. Just with everything else in life we get busy or for some homeschooling is just so overwhelming. This can quickly get us off track with our original goals. Today, I will be sharing some tips to help your family's homeschool stay Christ centered.

1. Curriculum- Before you even have to sit down with your child, you have the opportunity to choose a curriculum that is christ centered. We all know that there's no need to have every subject the same company, so this comes in handy when trying to find a more suitable curriculum for each subject. 

The Mystery of History SeriesHere are some of my favorites:
A Reason For Handwriting
Cat & Dog Theology
Five in a Row
Switched on Schoolhouse & LifePacs by Alpha Omega Publications
and of course Abeka & Bob Jones

2. Prayer- We have become accustom to praying at each meal & snack. Thanks to my sweet little 5-year-old daughter, who will scold you if she sees you even take a nibble. Along with this, I also ask the children their prayer requests for the day. This usually happens when we are sitting down ready to start our morning basket. I also always lead this prayer and pray over our schooling. If someone is having a difficult day, I tell them to tell Jesus. Even as young children, it ALWAYS makes them feel better. It's easy to plug in times of prayer into your homeschooling. 

3. Morning Basket: I plan to do an entire video on this but to help you now, we have a basket that is filled with lots of things we do before any individual work. Included in this is our Bibles, highlighters, & our character curriculums ( yes we have several.)  This makes us stay accountable to dig into Gods word. It also makes it easier to pull our bibles out when another curriculum, such as our apologia science references a bible verse. We always discuss & highlight it. 

4. Local Homeschool Groups or Co-ops-  We are very fortunate to have an amazing Christian Homeschooling Group here. There's so much support, encouragement, and fellowship that is available through a good homeschool group. Check out your local groups and don't be afraid to change or join several. 

5. Holidays- We don’t have to adhere to a non-denominational holiday season like typical schools do. Instead, we can celebrate and prepare our children’s hearts and minds around Christ and we can do this all while homeschooling our children.

So that's it, that's how we've managed to kept Christ The Center Of Our Homeschool and I hope this post has blessed & offered you some encouragement as well!


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