Freezer Meals & Monthly Plan - July/August

I cant stop. No really i have a problem. I'm obsessed with organizing everything in my life. I promised myself I'd relax with this months meal plan & "Wing-It" with the packing up and moving of my first adult home for the last 11 years. 11 years of "stuff" hidden & coming to surface...yikes! As I was planning a quick weekly meal plan I just couldn't stop. I felt the need to use up what food we have so there's less packing and to do so, I HAD to have a meal plan in place. Now, the next few weeks are very much up in the air. Our closing date could change at anytime, along with packing & moving schedules. With that said, I did manage to get a lot of meals that are easily switched around& lots of slow cooker ready meals. We also tried Frozen bean,cheese,& beef tacos, which were a HUGE hit. Thanks to Jamerill Stewart over at The Encouraging Homeschool mom. We didn't do them exactly like she does I should've went back and watched but I'd had it filed it in my head for a few months now that we should try them again and I'm glad we did. (** update she just posted a new freezer cooking video with them! Awesome!) We also plan on doing a few pb&j uncrustbles for the freezer too. So here's my very thrown together "I'm packing my house and cooking in 100 degree weather" video! Please bare with us the next 2-3 weeks if i go MIA, i'm just moving! Scroll down for a look at our meal plan!


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