Like my mama did.

Yes, a post about breakfast!

This day in age alot of you would look at this plate and turn up your nose. They would see the grease, the butter, the cheese, the lack of color and swear to never touch anything that came close to it. Now I'm not saying this is the healthiest option or even my favorite but it means so much more then a meal to most.

For those of you who don't know Southern cuisine this is a fried egg, cheese toast and buttered grits.

My mama's probably laughing at this because she had to fight me nearly every morning to eat it. I never understood why we had to have the same thing almost everyday.  I never thought how much time she took to get up out of bed before us all and fix everybody a good meal. I never thought that might be all we had or all we could afford.

I never looked at this meal and saw that my mom was trying to give us something special made with love. She probably started with grits & toast (because if was quick & easy) but we needed protein so she would scramble some eggs or fry us one. Then she would add cheese to our toast to make us eat it ( or make us happier to) Sure she could've just gave us cereal, and many days we did.

For me & my kids this is a rare large breakfast for us thru the week. Now as an adult for those of us that do like this kind of food, this meal is a treat to our strict diets & "lifestyle" changes. It's not elaborate or fancy. It's not "Instagram" worthy. But I beg to differ. It's so much more than that to many of us out there. So if your a mama who feeds this to your kids or maybe tgis is what you ate growing up for whatever the reason may be. Share on & be proud! Just like my mama did! 


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