Easy snack system for hungry little ones & busy mama's!

My kiddos are constantly eating us out of house and home. My kids get 3 meals a day and 2 snacks but they wanted to snack all day as well! There always in the pantry or fridge munching on something. It was costing us a lot and it wasn't healthy for them to eat junk all day. So I had tons of these containers that I got at the dollar tree a while back and decided to put them to use. I bought mostly healthy snacks and filled each with 2 choices. 
Each day, each kid gets one to eat on all day. So far this has worked great for us! Some of the items I put in them are raisins, grapes.fruit cups,go-gurt, cheese its, craisins, nuts, cheese & crackers, and sometimes a sweet treat ifIi have any on hand. Hope you get some inspiration with this if you are having this issue as well! 


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