ABC Coconut Tree :)

I  took this photo months ago with all intentions of Oh well its here now! My sweet little Riley (3) is learning her letters & loves the book Chicka Chicka boom! boom! A classic really :) We were trying to figure out what we could do when we finished a letter so i took to pintrest! I found many trees like this and happened to have just the stuff to do it. There were plenty of templates but i found it easier to just free hand it. I cut each leave out of green construction paper & each section of the trunk out of brown i cut them in sort of a mushroom bottom shape taped 2 together at a time and laminated all pieces. Then took alphabet letters and laminated those and the coconuts are from brown foam paper. Each week/2-weeks we study a letter then when we are done it can make its way up the coconut tree :)
 We have the book plus we listen to the story and song on youtube Here's the link for those: Story-
We also love this activity from "words of his heart" & to do with our chicka chicka theme:


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